Our experiences although we may believe otherwise, are not unique to us. We all grow old, we all experience hunger, pain, anxiety, gratitude, love, acceptance, and loss. 
It's the sum of these experiences that makes up our personalities. It's the fact that we go through them that makes us human. Our healthcare journey is one that every human, regardless of background, geographic location, or belief system is intimately aware of.
Whether it's taking our own child to the ER, or a for a wellness visit. Taking our mom for dialysis, or taking ourselves in for a routine checkup, we all walk this journey. The choice is whether we do it alone or together. 

Our Next  Day Class

Starting at 8am

Study Hard 


Don't get it confused. We try to have loads of fun here at One Breath. But at the end of the day, you'll need to work hard to achieve your dreams. 

Meet New Friends


Although there are plenty of places to work in the Healthcare Industry. Ultimately the industry itself is small and chances are you'll see people again and again throughout your career. Take this time to form some good relationships, and friendships that will help you with your networking later in life. 


We're the best in the Industry and we just keep getting better. 

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School Life Balance

We understand that life is why you're here. Trying to change or improve your life. But we also understand the importance of balance in life. Balance between work, studies, and events that will ultimately alter your life in immeasurable ways. Here at One Breath CNA we not only honor that balance, but we celebrate it!