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The Importance of Male CNA's

The roles of a male nursing assistant will be the same as those of a female nursing assistant. For example, a male nursing assistant must:

  • Be available to patients when they need you.

  • Assist patients in moving around the hospital and repositioning themselves to prevent bruises.

  • Assist patients with eating and drinking when they are unable to do so on their own.

  • Providing personal hygiene, dressing, combing, or bathing assistance.

  • Communicate information to nurses (RNs) and other healthcare professionals as needed.

  • Engage patients and their families in communication.

Despite the fact that men and women do similar work, there are many advantages that male nurses have as nurses, considering that there are more women in nursing than men. Among these advantages are:

  • There are many scholarships available to men who want to advance in nursing, whether they are registered nurses or certified nursing assistants.

  • In the job market, Certified Nursing Assistants have an advantage since nurses are in high demand.

  • Education is easily accessible and offers numerous advantages to career advancement, including becoming a registered nurse.

  • CNAs make $30k on average a year, which is a good salary that can be supplemented many ways. Getting a job as a travel CNA for a higher salary and working PRN shifts is possible, which are temporary but pay a higher hourly rate and allow you to pick the schedule that works best for you.

"CNA's go on to become great nurses", according to our CEO Wil Fletcher, who was once a CNA before becoming a nurse and starting One Breath CNA.

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