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How to excel as a CNA student

The first step to excelling as a CNA student is making sure you know what's expected of you. It can be difficult to balance school, home and work life.

When it comes to studying, it's important to find a system that works for you so that you can maximize your time efficiently. Taking advantage of every minute will allow you to get more done each day. Starting early and staying on top of your assignments shows commitment and dedication, both qualities that employers look for in new hires.

Finding a partner to study with can be beneficial. You need to find someone who clicks with you and makes studying more fun! Once you find someone you click with, make sure to schedule time to study for quizzes, tests and the state exam

You can't expect to learn everything you need to know during lectures. You'll need to read your assignments if you want the most out of your class. It's important that you prioritize reading all assignments. Schedule time for reading each day so the class is more of a review than the first time you hear the information.

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