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Director's Welcome,

As children, the founders of One Breath CNA were both raised by, and spent many of their formative years around their elderly relatives.


Many of us have experienced the love, wisdom and guidance which is handed down from our elderly population, this is priceless. Both of the founders leaned heavily on their elders and formed close bonds. Bonds that have lasted long after their loved ones have departed.


When you spend time with your elders, their healthcare journey and the experiences of their friends becomes a part of your life too. Watching the difficulty your loved ones may have feeding, bathing and clothing themselves can become an overwhelmingly emotional experience.


As the founders grew older, it became increasingly and painfully obvious that their elderly loved ones were in need of professional care, the type that neither of them were prepared to provide.


The founders would talk for hours about how difficult it was to find professionals that would care for their loved ones in the way a family member would. Among other similar and shared experiences, these conversations  helped to solidify their bond as friends and their vision of the world. The founders realized that focusing on their work, children, and the everyday pains of their own life become so much more difficult when you have to be worried about the health and safety of an older loved one.


This kind of reality haunts many families as they try to handle the pressure of raising children and caring for their older loved ones at the same time.


The elderly can be so independent, because they’ve been that way for years. But at this stage in their lives the elderly become vulnerable, weak, and are in need of care. The kind of care that only highly skilled, well trained professionals can provide.


It was these experiences, during their formative years, that lead the founders to eventually create One Breath CNA. To provide the most highly skilled, motivated, and properly trained CNAs available to the industry.  


Welcome to One Breath CNA the best CNA class in all of GA!


The Founders Group



One Breath CNA was founded in 2017 in Athens, GA. The Founders Group takes Education and Healthcare very seriously. Having seen close up the havoc of not having one or the other can wreak on a family unit. One Breath CNA aspires to be your partner through your educational journey. 

We commit to being a trusted partner for our students by providing a thorough educational experience, buttressed by innovative teaching techniques and industry knowledge which will allow them to succeed in the workplace. 

Meet Our Staff

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